Public Sex 86

public sex 86
A married stranger shot his load all over me in public ! He was walking completely naked at the beach and he caught me jerking in my car with the door open at a public car park. He came to me and watched me jerk my dick. He saw the straight porn magazine in my car. Straight porn always helps to make straight men bi curious 😉 another car was driving by. I touched his balls and he asked if I suck cock. I do. He said “Wait until the other car has driven away”. Then I sucked his straight cock. He said “I will cum soon” and I asked him to shoot his load all over me. “Ok. If you like that ! Suck it and I will cum !” and then he shot a huge load all over my body. He even hit my face. I was soaking wet of his cum and it felt so great that I shot my load too. Filmed with 10 cameras.
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